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“At age 5, while watching my grandmother in Haifa, Israel use wooden spoons to play metal pots as instruments, I realized my passion for music as I sang along to her melodic sounds” she says.  “From those early days of my grandmother’s influence, I was able to practice my chanting like style that has created who I am today”.


Revi’s musical influences include Ofra Haza, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, Bjork, Tina Turner, Prince, Bruno Mars and Pink.  Revi has an eclectic sound with most of her songs feeding off of her personal life experiences. 


Currently Revi is rehearsing for her up and coming concert series and club dates starting in June 2015.  Her eight piece band includes background singers, percussionist, keyboards, drums, electric and bass guitar along with a DJ.  Revi’s powerful, soulful but yet sensual voice will leave her fans wanting more and more.


Revi is a charted artist with her single “ Where Love Is” climbing to #3 on Billboard Dance.  She has performed at KTU’s Beatstock, Freestyle Free For All and many night clubs from New York to Las Vegas.  Her rendition of the National Anthem for the New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia Eagles and Friday Night Fights (NYC) has gained her tremendous exposure.


Now residing in Brooklyn NY, Revi has formed, in addition to her band, two separate writing teams to keep her love for the music industry and the artistry fresh at all times.  She has traveled the world to find unique sounds from different producers.  She feels everyone has their own special sound that help enhance hers.  Revi always lends an ear to the musicians she surrounds herself with.


“I’ve worked hard my entire life”, she says, “and I’m not about to slow down now”.  Collaborating with her band is her passion with going out on tour and producing more music her driving force.  “I’m not a saint or a martyr, I’m a 21st Century girl, I want to be where Love, is changing the world.”


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